Beach Wedding Ideas for a Perfect UK Coastal Wedding

Do you plan on having a coastal wedding? Congratulations! You are basically winning the wedding place lottery. Let this guide be your inspiration to planning your perfect beach wedding ceremony and creating the most unforgettable wedding day. From picking the wedding date and creating a stunning decor, to what to wear and how to make your guests comfortable, we have plenty of ideas to help make your big day a big success!

When is the Best Time for Beach Weddings?

The most popular months for getting married at a beach wedding UK venue are between June and August, which will usually give you the best chance of getting hot weather, blue skies and sunshine on your special day.

Though we all know the British weather can sometimes have other ideas! So, even if the weather isn’t cooperating on your big day, don’t worry – we’re seeing an increase in couples tying the knot against a backdrop of crashing waves and natural scenery throughout the year.

What are the Most Popular Beach Wedding Locations in the UK?

There are lots of beach wedding locations across the UK, but if you want a truly stunning UK destination wedding, look no further than Devon.

This charming seaside town, along the sandy south western coastline, offers some of the most popular beach wedding locations in the UK.

With its temperate climate, welcoming communities and pristine public beaches, it’s no wonder that Devon is a favourite wedding destination.

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How Much Does a Beach Wedding Usually Cost?

When planning the destination wedding of your dreams, you need to find a balance between the perfect location and an affordable budget. The cost of a beach wedding is anywhere from £1,500 to £5,000, depending on which beaches you consider and how extravagant your plans are.

How to Have a Cheap Beach Wedding?

A beach wedding on a budget typically involves doing much of it yourself. First, don’t hire a wedding planner. Second, invite only the people you really want there. Third, create your own decorations. And fourth, choose an affordable location.

Arches in Devon is available to book for the venue at the low cost of just £1000 for Saturdays and £600 Sundays to Mondays.

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Can You Have a Wedding on the Beach for Free?

Although getting married on a public beach can be less expensive than more traditional venues, a wedding celebration on the beach will still incur some costs.

In most parts of the UK, you won’t be ‘legally married’ until you say your vows at an official venue and sign the marriage register. For a beach wedding, this means using a licensed venue with a solid roof.

For the most cost-effective way to get legally married at a seaside location, choose a ceremony-only venue such as Arches Beach Weddings in Combe Martin, Devon.

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How to Book a Beach Wedding?

From booking the venue and beach reception, to making sure that everyone has a place to stay, a wedding on the beach requires you to juggle quite a few things at once.

We help to simplify the process of securing your dream beach wedding ceremony by proving a stunning location that is available to book as a two-hour window throughout the day, from Monday to Sunday, from dawn to dusk.

And if you’re looking for a truly hassle-free option that’s still affordable, Arches Beach Weddings are also able to offer both ceremony and short reception packages in one location.

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Coastal Wedding Ideas for DIY Wedding Planning

When planning a beach wedding, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. With so many options and details to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best beach wedding ideas to help you plan your dream day.

How to Pick the Location?

Picking a coastal location for your nuptials is a very important decision. So, how can you ensure you pick the perfect place?

There are three main things to consider when choosing a venue: Price, Location and Love. That is – is it in the budget, can you reasonably get everyone you want there, and do you love it.

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The Table Setting

When setting up your reception tables, consider using bamboo chairs and decorating with palm leaves.

Seashell escort cards with guests names inscribed on them add warmth and hospitality, but they can be expensive. If you want a more casual look, wooden lighthouses displaying table numbers are an affordable alternative that add a nautical flair to your tables.

Finally, don’t forget to light the area with lanterns to add more romance and colour to your beach affair!

The Beachy Bouquet

The Beachy Bouquet is a gorgeous twist on the traditional seashell bouquet, bound up with tropical leaves and blooms it makes a real statement.

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The Beach Wedding Decor

The beautiful sea and sand backdrop is already awe-inspiring, so your decor can be as minimalist or overstated as you want it to be.

For the perfect coastal theme, surround your venue with beautiful accents like palm trees and sand. String lights are also an excellent way to add romance without overpowering the aura of the location. The ocean breeze can make some people uncomfortable, use this as another opportunity to add a sprinkling of beach-inspired details like parasols or windbreakers.

The Wedding Reception

Create a beautiful beach wedding reception that reflects the laid back elegance of coastal living.

Serve local seafood dishes paired with local greens like samphire to give your guests a real treat. Then wow them with a loaded dessert table decorated with palm leaves laden with all your favourite ice cream flavours and seaside sweeties for a nostalgic memory of childhood getaways.

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The Wedding Cake

Your cake is one of the areas where your best beach wedding ideas can run wild! Consider flavour combinations such as a tropical coconut with passionfruit coulis or put a twist on a summer favourite with a strawberries and cream cake. To stay in keeping with the nautical theme, decorate your cake with sailing boats and ombre frosting. Or opt for a minimal traditional white cake, but dress up your cake table with a range of coastal decorations and a seashell centre piece.

The Wedding Party

The wedding reception does not have to end at the stroke of midnight. So why not extend it with a late-night serving of fish and chips? When guests are done with the dance floor and have made the most of cocktail hour they can soak up the party with a great British classic.

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The Wedding Favors

Some of the best beach themed wedding favors are the simplest. From sunglasses to miniature tubes of suncream these kinds of favour are useful and appreciated. You can also consider goody bags filled with beautiful sea shells or seaside sweets such as rock candy.

Tips for Taking Stunning Pictures

Take a beach-perfect picture by incorporating tropical greenery, like palm fronds, dried pampas grass and nautical elements such as driftwood or ropes. Make sure to plan some time in your day for taking photographs at Golden Hour – just as the sun is setting, when the light is at its most beautiful.

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What to Wear for a Beach Wedding Ceremony?

There are no strict rules for what to wear to a beach theme wedding.

A summery ice cream sundress or something more formal, it’s entirely up to you. But whatever your style, choose a wedding color palette that complements it.

To show off your creative ways with all things nautical, you could even have your ring bearer and flower girls in sailor suits for a cute twist.

How to make guests comfortable?

Keep your wedding guests cool, dancing and looking their best with some nifty tricks.

A thirst quenching glass of coconut water with some fresh fruit before the signature cocktails come out is a great way to help guests beat the heat. Mix in edible flower petals to add a touch of style to your beach themed wedding.

A shoe station is an excellent way to keep your beachside guests comfortable too. Whether your guests are struggling in the sand in impractical high heels or dancing until their feet ache, why not provide flip flops in a hamper or nautical theme chest to keep on theme.

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Can I wear heels to a beach wedding?

If you’re planning on wearing heels, you might want to opt for a backup plan of flat shoes rather than risk sinking in the sand. Or, go for a solid wedge type shoe to give you the most stability on uneven terrain.

Alternatively, consider wearing heels just for the ceremony and changing into another pair for the seaside event.