Best DIY Beach Wedding Ideas For Couples On A Budget

Think you need to get a designer gown, custom-made invitations and Michelin-starred catering to have the perfect beach wedding?

Think again! If you’re planning the tie the knot on a beach there is no need to break the bank to have a gorgeous and unforgettable wedding.

From the beach venue and ceremony, to the decor and whether to wear heels or not, these ‘Do It Yourself’ beach wedding ideas will help you plan the beach wedding of your dreams – on a budget.

1. DIY Beach Wedding Setting Ideas

Setting up a beach wedding is no easy feat. Between the sand, wind, and sun, it can be hard to create the outdoor wedding ceremony of your dreams without going over budget! But don’t worry—we’re here to help.

Inspired by the breath taking simplicity of the beach, these beach wedding setting ideas are easy to execute and perfect for highlighting your wedding theme. Read on to find the inspiration you need for a beach perfect DIY wedding setting.

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DIY Wedding settings

1.) Consider a venue that is next to the beach rather than totally outside. That way you can still take advantage of the beautiful surroundings, but you’re not at the mercy of the elements and aren’t going to be sandblasted if the wind is strong.

At Arches beach wedding venue we have floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea and clifftops so, if the weather reports aren’t favourable, you don’t have to sacrifice style for moving indoors.

2.) The scale of your beach wedding is also something worth considering. If you are looking for a budget-conscious wedding, or just want an intimate ceremony and reception, an elopement wedding might be just the ticket. Elopements are low-key, with fewer guests and less formality than a larger scale weddings.

3.) When it comes to your beach wedding, less is definitely more. Take advantage of the beautiful coastal surroundings and choose natural decorations that are readily available, like seashells and branches from the beach, sea glass and driftwood.

TOP TIP: Before you start your final planning, take a trip to the beach and take some pictures in your potential locations. This will give you the chance to get a sense of what it’s like there and help avoid disappointment on the day.

2. DIY Beach Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Now that you’ve found your perfect beachside location and booked your reception venue, it’s time to think about wedding flowers!

Wedding bouquets are not the most obvious DIY projects, but we are going to change that because our beautiful bouquet ideas are just the DIY inspiration you need to create your own budget-friendly beach wedding bouquet.

DIY wedding bouquets

1) Your bouquet doesn’t have to be the traditional flower arrangement. For all our beach themed wedding inspiration you can have a seashell bouquet made up of oyster shell collected from a romantic meal. Or why not go all out and incorporate sea urchins, starfish and more.

2) Tropical leaves like palm leaves and pampas grass can be a beautiful and elegant (and more more cost effective) alternative to a traditional flower bouquet. Family heirlooms such as silver brooches are ideal for decorating your bridal bouquet too.

3) Paper bouquets are becoming increasingly popular. Get your nearest and dearest to write well wishes onto coloured paper and craft flowers with the messages hidden within them for a charming touch.

TOP TIP: Choosing to ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to your wedding bouquet is a great way to showcase your personality, as well as stay on budget. There are no rules when it comes to DIY bridal bouquets and the more creative you get, the more joy it will bring you, and the more original you’re going to look!

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3. DIY Beach Wedding Invitations Ideas

You’ve set the wedding date and now its time to invite your guests to your big day.

Whether you’re after a bright watercolour creation featuring a sea colour palette, or something a bit more glamorous featuring elegant typography, our ‘Do It Yourself’ ideas will give you the design inspiration you need to do it on a budget.

DIY wedding invitations

1) Beach weddings are all about the location and the beauty of the sand, sea and sky. Do something underwater-inspired with blue invitations decorated with starfish or fish motifs.

2) Another idea for invitations and escort cards featuring a more nautical-theme is to design them in the style of nautical flags with cream, red and black patterns.

3) Draw inspiration from local floras such as Sea Holly or Sea Asters. Personalise the invitations further by using your own text.

TOP TIP: Making your own wedding invitation allows you to easily create something beautiful and unique without spending a fortune! If you find yourself tight for time, you could buy an inexpensive pre-made design and simply add a few of your own touches to make it your own.

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4. DIY Beach Wedding Decorations Ideas

Beach-themed wedding decorations set the mood on your wedding day. From contemporary seashell centrepieces to romantic floral ties, our ‘Do It Yourself’ beach wedding decor ideas take advantage of nature’s beauty while keeping costs under control.

DIY wedding decorations

1) Create a rustic theme at your venue by using bits of driftwood, scrap wood, rope and tin cans filled with coastal plants and dried starfish, and tied with hessian for a light-hearted coastal vibe.

2) Put storm lanterns with white pillar candles and glass globes filled with white sand on your reception tables for a classy vibe. Keep the place settings simple with just table numbers and or add a personal touch by creating your own name cards.

3) Give your wedding decor a romantic flair by tying simple floral arrangements to the chair backs. This will create a beautiful look that will really bring out the romance of your special day.

TOP TIP: There are many creative ways to ensure you don’t spend a fortune on wedding decor when dressing your beach wedding venue. With a little help from the sea, just a few supplies and a bit of your time you can create a one-of-a-kind feel without the price tag!

beach wedding ideas decor

5. DIY Beach Wedding Dress Ideas

Not every bride wants to spend a fortune on a dress that she only wears once, but wedding entrance is the most memorable moment of your big day so making a statement is important!

Creating your own dress for the wedding ceremony can save you hundreds and is actually not as hard as you might think. Just take a look at our DIY inspiration here.

DIY wedding dress

1) For a budget-friendly option, use a simple white or ivory dress and add colour and drama with accessories or flowers. Something you are only going to wear once is probably not worth blowing the budget on!

2) Check the local charity shops for vintage dresses that not only look gorgeous but save you a lot of money too! If there’s something that you want slightly altered, you can always take it to a seamstress and make it truly your own.

3) Consider getting your dress made rather than off the rack, this might seem pricey but you would be surprised at how often local seamstresses can create beautiful custom dresses for humble budgets.

TOP TIP: The most important thing to remember when choosing to DIY your beach wedding dress is that there is no need to compromise style. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own. After all, it is your moment in the spotlight!

beach wedding dress

6. DIY Beach Wedding Food Menu Ideas

Need DIY inspiration for your beach wedding menu? Whether you’re planning a beachside barbecue or a tiki-inspired bash, here are some budget-friendly ‘Do It Yourself’ beach wedding ideas to inspire your food menu.

DIY food menu

1) Most beach weddings tend to keep things relaxed. An informal BBQ on the beach is a great idea if you want to have inexpensive food that everyone enjoys. Make it extra special with a hog roast and open fire.

2) Fish and chips on the seashore is also an absolute classic! You can hire food vans very inexpensively to make catering for your summer celebrations easy to manage.

3) Don’t overspend on a huge cake as most people will forget what it tasted like. Instead of cake consider having a dessert table with popsicle sticks, fresh fruit, ice creams and other refreshing sweet nibbles.

TOP TIP: Beach wedding food menus don’t have to be boring. In fact, beach weddings are the perfect place to let your foodie personality shine. So, you can save money and still impress your guests with food that’s delicious and nourishing.

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7. DIY Beach Wedding Cocktails Menu Ideas

Imagine your guests receiving hand-made drinks as they step out of the sand dunes, or cooling off with a tasty mojito while taking in the white sandy beach surrounding. Make this beachy-themed dream a reality with our DIY cocktail menu ideas.

DIY cocktails menu

1) Caribbean cocktails such as Pina Colada, Cuba Libre, Mojito and Daiquiris are all quite simple drinks to make. English classics like big jugs of Pimms look pretty and are very easy to DIY too.

2) Mock-tails made with coconut water are a great idea for designated drivers and for keeping your guests hydrated in the hot weather.

3) To keep kids cool consider having slushies. The crushed ice and sugary flavours will be a welcome treat to beat the heat.

TOP TIP: If you are looking to give your day that extra splash of excitement, a DIY cocktail menu is the perfect choice – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either! From tropical tipples to non-alcoholic options and punches that will keep the whole family happy, you’ll have something for everyone.

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8. DIY Beach Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Creating a special welcome bag for your guests is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. It shows that you have thought of every detail and have planned out everything they might need for celebrating your big day on the beach.

Here are some super cute beach wedding ideas for creating your own Wedding Welcome Bags to show your guests that that they are a priority.

DIY welcome bags

1) If you are getting married on a hot day, items like mini sun cream, cooling spray and mini fans which you can buy in bulk on amazon quite inexpensively are great ideas for the welcome bag. Helpful, practical and unique. What more could you want from a wedding welcome bag?

2) Another quirky alternative to the traditional sugared almonds you usually get at weddings is to include seaside treats like sticks of rock and Pick & Mix.

3) If you have children at your do, it might be an idea to give them sea-themed colouring books, crayons, plastic starfish moulds and other sand castle building materials to keep them entertained during the after-party.

TOP TIP: Including flip-flops in your welcome bag will be very much appreciated by those who want to kick-off their shoes, especially when showing off their best moves on the dance floor! Get the celebrations started early with welcome bags that not only make your guests happy and comfortable, but are also budget-friendly!

beach wedding confetti

9. DIY Beach Wedding Confetti Ideas

There are plenty of ways to make DIY beach wedding confetti. Just think about what colour scheme you want for your wedding and what materials are available locally. You’ll be surprised at how much creativity you can come up with!

So, go ahead and add colour, texture and sparkle to your beach wedding celebration with these cost-effective DIY confetti ideas.

DIY wedding confetti

1) You can dry petals from your garden and ask your friends and family to do the same for a free alternative to paper confetti.

2) Coloured smoke bombs are another fun way to make a statement that is perfect for your outdoors ceremony.

3) Instead of throwing confetti, consider having your guest create a wedding arch with Palm fronds and tropical floras for you to walk through, it’s inexpensive and looks fantastic in your photos.

TOP TIP: The great thing about wedding confetti is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, so you can really go wild with the colours and shapes.Taking the time to create your own DIY wedding decor is more than just a way to save yourself money, it’s also a great way to get creative and have fun!

wedding arch, beautiful beach wedding ideas

10. DIY Beach Wedding Party Ideas

Whether you want to throw an intimate beach gathering for just the two of you, or invite all your friends and family over for something more extravagant, these ‘Do It Yourself’ beach themed suggestions are sure to help make your big day extra special.

DIY beach wedding party

1) The music you choose for your celebration can set the mood and make or break the vibe. Instead of hiring a band, put together a wedding playlist on Spotify and ask a friend to DJ for you.

2) Make sure that your guests have as much fun as possible and give a real sense atmosphere by including DIY games like Limbo and Skittles.

3) If your bash is to continue late into the night, consider having tiki torches or candles in storm lanterns to add mood lighting.

TOP TIP: Friends, family, and a beautiful beach setting are just a few of the reasons why a beach wedding is something many people dream of. Just remember that if you’re going to be outside, it’s best to plan ahead so you don’t get caught in rain or wind—and make sure there are no storms coming in.

Beach weddings, charmed with its simplicity and natural beauty, have been the most trending wedding themes in recent years.

But when it comes to planning one, no two couples are ever alike. Some couples prefer to go all out with a lavish and expensive event, while others prefer to keep things simple, small and intimate.

If you’re one of the couples that want a small, but beautiful destination wedding, don’t forget about the potential for inexpensive DIY ideas.

Beach weddings are a great way to tie the knot in an enjoyable yet relaxed way. And as we’ve just seen, there are a lot of ways to save money on your beach wedding, without having to give up on the things that matter most to you.

With these tips, a little ingenuity and perhaps a dash of creativity, you can plan the perfect beach wedding at a fraction of the cost.

So what are you waiting for?