Top 50 Most Popular Beach Wedding Destinations Around the World by Budget

Looking to get married on the beach? A destination wedding can be expensive, but with smart planning, you don’t have to break the bank.

The wedding of your dreams is in reach. Use this list of the most popular beach wedding destinations around the world to find the perfect budget friendly location for your big day.

Whether you’re dreaming of exchanging vows in secluded coves or a vibrant city there is the ideal destination wedding location for you.

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Beach Wedding on a Budget FAQs

When you’re dreaming of a destination wedding, the cost of some of the most beautiful places in the world can be daunting.

So, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about planning destination weddings on a budget.

What’s the best way to cut down the cost of a wedding?

If you are on a tight budget and want a to tie the knot on a beach, you’ll need to be careful about your planning.

Look for affordable destination wedding locations where you can DIY much of your big day, avoiding the pricey services of an event planner or in-house caterer.

Choosing a wedding venue at beach destinations that offer DIY wedding packages means you can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your romantic getaway by doing much of the legwork yourself.

Does the season have an impact on how expensive a beach wedding is?

When it comes to wedding costs, prices tend to rise in the spring, summer and early autumn, meaning that planning a wedding during peak season can be quite expensive.

Therefore, whether you’re planning a to get married abroad or right here in the UK, consider looking at dates out of ‘wedding season’.

You can often find affordable wedding packages during this time as there is less competition for dates.

Can you have a beach wedding in the cold seasons?

Yes, weddings on the beach are popular all year round, even during cold seasons.

In fact, the autumn and winter can be a beautiful time of year for your wedding ceremony with its spectacular sunsets and the stunning backdrop of a dramatic coastline and crashing waves.

Though it is usually a good idea to host your nuptials in a beach adjacent venue, such as Arches Beach Weddings venue in Devon, rather than on the sand to avoid getting rained on.

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How to choose a beach wedding venue?

One of the key parts to planning your wedding is choosing the venue.

After all, it’s where your guests will celebrate with you, and a beachside wedding offers the perfect setting for intimate ceremonies and mini-receptions.

But don’t get blinded by visual appeal and book your dream location without doing your research.

Do some home work; check reviews, watch videos, read testimonials, even spend a day-trip visiting each potential venue to see if it’s the right one for you.

How do you do a simple wedding on the beach?

A simple wedding on the beach can be very romantic and a truly memorable event. Take advantage of the location, and let your surroundings be a backdrop for your big day.

Don’t overload it with overly elaborate decor, instead use simple elements that are in sync with nature, like shells, driftwood or other natural elements.

For more tips on planning a simple wedding featuring sandy beaches and natural beauty, check out our blog on Ideas for the perfect coastal wedding.

Can you get married on the beach for free?

While it might be romantic to dream of a tying the knot on the white-sand beaches of an Atlantis paradise island for free.

The reality is that for a marriage to be legally binding it must take place in a legally licensed venue and you must have a wedding license.

Therefore, you are unable to get married completely for free.

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What is the cheapest wedding in the world?

If you’re looking for somewhere affordable to get married it might surprise you to discover the tropical island of Mauritius is the cheapest place to get married in the world.

Wedding events here cost around £12,000 for the wedding package, making Mauritius just the place for an inexpensive wedding abroad.

What is the most popular beach wedding destination in the world?

It might surprise you that one of the most searched for coastal wedding destination in the world is Morocco.

Thanks to its stunning beaches and warm Mediterranean climate, Morocco’s wedding venues are some of the most unique and romantic.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Beach Wedding Venues

From private islands, to hotels and exclusive resorts, these top 10 extravagant beach locations ensure you can tie the knot in style.

  1. The Perfect wedding at Little Palm Island, Florida

Surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters and white-sand beaches, Little Palm Island offers a private island beach setting in the Florida Keys for your wedding. Here, packages include everything from flowers to venue setup, catering, photography and videography. You can even rent the entire island for your special day.

2. A dreamy wedding at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai offers couples a stunning selection of backdrops for their wedding celebration. Dare to be different with a ceremony on the sand beside mesmerizing Black Rock, or say “I do” beneath towering heliconia trees at Kumukea Beach – an idyllic setting where you can feel the ocean breeze through your hair. Whatever you choose, you will create memories that will last forever.

3. A secluded wedding at Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

The ultimate wedding at Laucala Island Resort, Fiji is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where seclusion and romance come together. Located just 12 miles off Fiji’s west coast and accessible only by boat or catamaran, this private island destination hosts just one wedding at a time, so couples will have exclusive use of the island for their ceremony and reception.

4. A luxurious wedding on the secluded island of Reethi Rah, Maldives

Reethi Faru Resort is the ultimate Maldives wedding resort. For couples looking for an intimate special day in paradise, this island resort offers a welcoming natural setting on its secluded island and the perfect place to begin your journey into wedded bliss.

5. A dreamy wedding at the only hotel on Silhouette Island, Seychelles

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa is a romantic beachfront resort on beautiful Silhouette Island. Couples can enjoy stunning views of the azure waters and gorgeous beaches from their private plunge pool or from the comfort of their guestroom. The property is known for its luxurious accommodations, excellent food and cocktails, and dedication to service.

6. An island paradise wedding at Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua

Blue Waters is an oasis of tropical beauty. Its stunning beaches, natural wonder and breath taking ocean views make the perfect setting for your unforgettable day. Whether you walk down the aisle to clifftop gazebo or hold your wedding ceremony right on the beach, Blue Waters is an island paradise for your new beginning.

7. A tropical rainforest wedding at Viceroy Sugar Beach luxury resort, St Lucia

Embark on an ocean of romance at the world’s most romantic St Lucia resort. Located on the breathtakingly beautiful island of St Lucia, this luxury resort offers a blend of old world charm and modern luxury with spectacular views of the World Heritage-listed Pitons and surrounding rainforests. The perfect setting for a wedding you’ll never forget.

8. An elegant wedding at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

A wedding at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong is one to be remembered. From the moment you step inside this luxurious hotel, they will build your dream day around you. From custom menus and expert service to beautiful settings with views of the historic harbour, a wedding with here will be a true celebration of your love.

9. An exclusive wedding at Mushy Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay, Bahamas

An exclusive private island getaway, Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay offer couples a tropical paradise for their nuptials. Talented chefs prepare delicious meals, whilst their professional staff pamper you with outstanding service. Designed for total privacy, the four villas and hilltop house provide a luxurious escape and the ideal destination for intimate elopements.

10. A romantic coastal wedding at the Belmond Hotel Caruso, Italy

Romance is in the air. Breath taking settings, exquisite cuisine and luxury accommodation are just some of the reasons for choosing to say ‘I Do’ at the Belmond Hotel Caruso. With sweeping views across the Amalfi Coast, this luxury hotel is one of the most romantic venues in Italy. With spaces including a stately ballroom and terraced gardens, you can create a dream day that’s perfectly tailored for you.

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Top 10 Best Beach Wedding Destinations

When looking for the best coastal destinations, it is worth remembering every wedding is individual to the couple so the best is absolutely subjective!

  1. The Bahamas
    One of the most popular destination weddings is the pink sands beach in The Bahamas, quite possibly one of the prettiest beaches in existence.
  2. Devon, England
    Arguably the best destination weddings in the UK take place in Devon.If you’re looking for pristine beaches and an intimate ceremony look no further than Arches Beach Weddings, an affordable and stunning beachside bridal suite in Devon.
  3. Costa Rica
    The beautiful golden sand beaches in Costa Rica are always a popular choice for beach weddings.
  4. New Zealand
    The stunning Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand has seemingly unending views, though, despite its name, is actually only about 55 miles long.
  5. The Cayman Islands
    Seven-mile beach in the Cayman Islands is highly rated by couples looking for white sands and beautiful sunsets.
  6. California, USA
    Tying the knot in California is increasingly popular as the islands are famed for reef-lined beaches, wineries and luxury sailing communities.
  7. Riviera Maya, Mexico
    Famed for its cost-effective wedding packages and is an incredibly beautiful location it is perfect for destination weddings.
  8. Phuket, Thailand
    With inexpensive flights to Phuket international airport, Thailand is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for tropical elopements.
  9. Porto, Portugal
    If you’re dreaming of the most romantic city on the coast you would struggle to find somewhere better for a beachside marriage than Porto in Portugal.
  10. Bali, Indonesia
    For dreamy sandy bays and dramatic tropical views, Bali is always a popular wedding destination.
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Top 10 Most Affordable Dream Beach Wedding Destinations

Beach destination weddings don’t have to break the bank. There are many locations offering affordable wedding options and here is out list of the top 10 most affordable destination weddings.

  1. Cyprus
    If you’re looking for the best beach wedding at low cost then Cyprus could be the location for you. You’re guaranteed to have beautiful wedding photos too!
  2. Cambodia
    If it’s a tropical wedding you’re dreaming of Cambodia might be the inexpensive option you need to make your rainforest and stunning beach venue dreams come true.
  3. Goa
    If you’re seeking natural beauty then Goa could be the place for you with awe-inspiring cliffs and blue seas you can’t help but be blown away by this affordable paradise.
  4. Samoa
    If you’re after a tiki vibe with palm trees and hibiscus flowers Samoa could be the lesser travelled island hideaway you need.
  5. Laos
    Getting married in south-east Asia is often less expensive than in Europe or America, and countries like Laos are becoming increasingly popular destinations for weddings.
  6. California
    For intimate wedding ceremonies, the secret harbour beach resort in places like California is ideal for dreamy seaside weddings.
  7. Devon, UK
    If you’re looking for a UK based coastal wedding you will fall utterly in love with Arches in Devon, with its stunning harbour and beach views.This highly flexible venue allows DIY wedding events and doesn’t tie you into complicated contracts where you have to use in-house caterers.
  8. Aruba
    If you want to get married on a private beach but don’t want to spend a fortune, Aruba is the ideal choice for sunshine and sand at a steal.
  9. Zante
    The affordable destination of Zante is an ideal choice for getting married on the beach.
  10. Riviera Maya
    The budget friendly all-inclusive resorts along the Caribbean coastline are the ideal location for a destination wedding.
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Top 10 Cheapest Beach Wedding Venues

Destination wedding venues can be affordable, and even low-cost alternatives can make your big day perfect.

  1. Dominican Republic
    Deceptively inexpensive the beautiful sandy shore of the Dominican Republic makes the perfect destination wedding.
  2. Malta
    Malta with many famous seaside restaurants and stunning scenery is the ideal choice for a cheap beachside wedding.
  3. Jamaica
    Planning a destination wedding on a white sand beach in Jamaica is the perfect budget-friendly option.
  4. Phuket
    The best beach weddings are ones where everyone has a fun and enjoyable time so the Phuket coast is a fantastic choice for beach weddings.
  5. Morocco
    Morocco has many inexpensive and gorgeous venues along its coastline making it one the most affordable and best beach wedding destinations.
  6. Blackpool
    If you’re looking for an inexpensive wedding and you’re a couple that loves to hit the dance floor Blackpool might be your perfect venue.
  7. Massachusetts
    If you exchange vows in Cape Cod, Massachusetts it can cost as little as $150!
  8. Cumbria
    The sandy shore of Troutbeck in Cumbria is ideal for couples looking for somewhere popular off the beaten track.
  9. Alicante
    It might not be a five-star hotel but there are many cheap venues in Alicante which is fames for its golden sand and turquoise waters.
  10. Scotland
    If natural beauty is your thing, a wedding on the Scottish coastline could be ideal.
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Top 10 All Inclusive Beach Destination Wedding Venues

For many, the best beach wedding destinations are those that are all-inclusive as you don’t have to be a destination wedding specialist to Here are our top 10 destination wedding packages:

  1. North Carolina
    If you fancy an all-inclusive wedding by the shore with stylish historic buildings as you backdrop, the outer banks region of North Carolina has many venues that offer all-inclusive wedding day packages.
  2. Lamanai, Belize
    Did you know you could get married amongst ancient Mayan ruins? In Lamanai, Belize there are a number of locations offering all-inclusive packages.
  3. Ayia Napa
    Ayia Napa is famous for its jaw-dropping beaches and fun vibe, a perfect choice for inexpensive wedding parties.
  4. Mauritius
    Mauritius is a picture-perfect destination on the Indian ocean with white sands and stunning scenery.
  5. Devon
    If you want to have an all-inclusive seaside wedding near the Atlantic ocean Devon is the ideal location without having to leave the UK. It has some of the country’s most pristine and beautiful beaches and many exquisite venues.
  6. The British Virgin Islands
    A unique and beautiful destination to get married offering many all-inclusive wedding options, including scuba diving packages.
  7. Caribbean
    If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean wedding there are many romantic hotels on the islands that offer inclusive packages.
  8. Hawaii
    Poipu beach in Hawaii is one of the best places to get married with its perfect sand and range of venue packages available.
  9. The USA
    For a relaxed wedding in the USA the barrier islands covering Georgia’s coastline are a romantic spot for all-inclusive shoreside weddings.
  10. Mexico
    The gorgeous Cancun beaches is one of the best beach wedding destinations offering all inclusive packages.

Undoubtedly, the world is your oyster when it comes to beachside destinations for your nuptials.

If you’re looking for a tropical, remote island where you can escape from civilisation, look no further than the Maldives.

On the other hand, if you want luxury and convenience then perhaps a Caribbean beach destination will fit the bill better.

For an affordable coastal destination closer to home where you can celebrate your special day with all your friends and family, Arches in Devon is the destination for you.

Whatever your dream wedding looks like there will be a beach venue to suit your style and budget.